How many articles will I find per month?
We plan on having an average of 30 articles per year.

Will I have to pay to join your programme?
The programme is in a testing phase, and is free for the time being.

Can I just read the articles and do the exercises but not use the possibility to pratice my oral skills through the oral contact ?
Of course! The appointment for a discussion is not compulsory, but you have to admit that it is a plus!Also, it is one of the goals of the programme!

My mother tongue is not English. Do you plan on having translations of the new vocabulary in other languages?
Yes. In phase 2, depending on the results of the survey, we will add one or two languages.

How many articles will be on line at the same time?
Not less than 12

Will I find grammar explanations on your site?
No. Our goal is to work on the vocabulary. But through the oral contact, we will be able to spot your problems, and direct you to online sources of information on grammar.

How do you select your subjects?
Via the questionnaire you fill out (see "How to participate").

When do I contact you for my oral exchange ?
> First read a series of 5 articles (in a sequence, like 1 to 5; 6 to 10 ; 11 to 15 etc....)
> listen to the text
do the exercises related to each article
> learn the new words
> select ONE article you like;
Then :
> prepare a summary and your comments on the subject.
When this is done :
contact us and arrange your appointment via MSN
> check that you are on our list of contacts MSN or Yahoo and that your microphone is working!

Do you provide help on writing?
Yes. It is part of our Special Programmes. Contact us for more info.

Who can participate in that programme?
Individuals with an intermediate level in French language. To check your level, read one of the articles and see if you understand it and if you could say simple things about the contents, in French.