From now on, in order for beginners to understand current events in French, we offer two levels of difficulty for each theme :

LEVEL 1 for beginners

LEVEL 2 for intermediate

For each level there is an article, a series of online exercises, an audio file to listen to the text, as well as a list of the new words to learn and practise. The audio file is in mp4. You can open it with Real Player.

New words are indicated in the article in bolt print. Their translation into English no longer appears in the article itself, but only in the vocabulary list. This will open a possibility in the future for translation into other languages.

If you do not know the meaning of a word, check it out in our "Glossary". It contains a long list of all the new vocabulary found in our articles since the site was created in April 2003. For an easy search, use ctrl+F, enter the word in the space and click "Find".

Our website is expanding and we have started filing articles (level 2 only). You can still find the TEXT of those articles on line on our site.
In the section "News", you will sometimes be refered to those articles to brush up your vocabulary.

If you feel like it, send us a written comment on the new article by email :

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